Thursday, August 27, 2009

Needle Books

I love olde sewies! What are olde sewies? Well, to me they’re any kind of vintage item associated with sewing! Simple! This time around I’ll be talking about Needle Books. I have a nice little collection of them which started on my antique shop haunts a few years ago. Make sure you check the glass cases at the antique shops and flea markets, as sellers seldom leave these small items just lying around. With the internet and selling sites, you can find them all over the place!

Humble sewing-needle books are admired as tiny works of antique art. They offer a walk through history with their colorful pictures. They contained needles and sometimes the little needle threader. Many of the older needle books came with a variety of needles.

Few are dated, though some are marked Occupied Japan. Most were produced from the 1920’s to 1950’s or so, however, you can find some earlier. A bit of historical sleuthing can get you in the right era they were made by they style of clothes people are wearing, for example.

There were many categories of needle books like Advertising, Animals, Army/Navy, Baskets, Canadian, Children, Christmas, Fans, Flowers, Horseshoe, Pop Up, Space Series, Travel, Women Sewing, Worlds Fair and Zeppelin.

Many were promotional giveaways and clearly advertisements. They often feature a picture of a logo or product and they usually say nothing on the cover about “needles”.

Conditions of needle books can be a problem, as with most paper collectibles. Besides, needle books were meant to be used, not saved. I have duplicates of some books because I’d find one in even better shape down the road!

So what do you do with needle books? Well, you can frame them, display them in little baskets or even put them behind acid-free protective album sheets. It’s recommended to remove rusty needles from the books before you store them. With many historical items, keeping them out of the sun is always advised.

Enjoy the slide show below of some of my needle books!


And now for a little FREEBIE! Who doesn't like free, right!
Click on the link below for a free pattern to make your own needle books to use with your prim dolls or sewing cases, whatever you like!

Blessings My Friends!

~ Barefoot Primitives ~

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Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Wow Debbie thats awesome! Thanks for the freebie :)


Maureen said...

I ALWAYS learn something new when I visit here. Thanks for sharing that info and your neat pattern Debbie. I will be keeping my eyes open for these little treasure when I'm poking around my favorite junktique shops.

Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past ~WSOAPP said...

I have learned something new! Thank you for this wonderful article and great photo examples Debbie; I will also enjoy the freebie pattern. I discovered within my gram's old stash of books back in the family storeroom, (in the house where my mom and dad still live) where I grew up that there were some books just like these. I'm going to take a new look at them;)



TheRustyThimble said...

Oh I have the most amazing old needlebook. it is handmade from VERY old wools blends it belonged to my mothers great aunt. And my mom is 86!! I cherish it and am so proud to have it.

Barefoot Primitives said...

Oooh Mare and Brenda, would love to see pics of your old needle books!! :o)

Carlie said...

Just found your blog and have really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing the needle book patterns and the slide show of the gardens is full of great ideas!!!