Sunday, July 26, 2009

Remember Dear Heloise?

Articles of Dear Heloise still adorn newspapers nationwide and abroad with her helpful hints, tips, recipes and humor. My gramma, who was born in 1904 and lived to the blessed aged of 98, would read aloud some of (the original) Heloise’s cleaning tips and exclaim, “Well any housewife worth her salt knows that!”

The original Heloise was born in 1919. She wanted to write a column in a newspaper to help housewives, and the Readers’ Exchange column began in 1959.

Heloise died December 28, 1977. Her tombstone reads, "Heloise, Every Housewife’s Friend." Her daughter took over the column and continues to write the Hints from Heloise column. Keeping with the times, Heloise tackles up to date issues like consumer credit, goodies for guys, computers, you name it!

Excerpts from

I came across this little ditty from an old publication and wanted to share…

My face in the mirror
Isn’t wrinkled or drawn.
My house isn’t dusty…
The cobwebs are gone.
My garden looks lovely
And so does my lawn.
I think I might never
Put my glasses back on!


Michele said...

I just love the ditty! Can you list the name of the date/publication? Does the publication list the Author?

Barefoot Primitives said...

Sorry - don't recall which publication and since I wrote this little article, I've seen the poem at different places on the internet... so not sure how long it's been around! :o)