Monday, July 13, 2009

Our Memories of Yesterday were Once Moments of Today

Make a memory today with a person you know and love. We all know, too well, how quickly the summer days come to end. Since we’re still pretty early in the summer I thought it would be great to share a few ideas of something fun to do with a child. It’s not the destination of our vacations or how much money we spend that makes someone feel special…it’s the gift of our love and time spent together that says, “I love you”.

Kool-Aid Play Dough
The children will love the smell of this play dough!
2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup salt
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 cups boiling water
2 packages unsweetened Kool-Aid
Mix dry ingredients. Add oil and water. Wearing gloves, knead for 10 minutes. Store in zip lock bag in refrigerator.

Your hands may smell of the Kool-Aid flavor even with gloves.
Kool-Aid is a powdered drink mix sold in North America. Parents just add sugar and water to make the drink. The powder has both flavoring and color which makes it great for this craft.


Kids Craft Recipes for Paper Mache
Paper Mache Paste:
1 part water
1 part flour

To make a Piñata:
Blow up a large balloon and tie it closed. Tie up the balloon somewhere from a height so it’s hanging down for you to work with. Cut old newspapers into strips and make the above paper Mache paste mixture. Soak strips in mixture and apply them to the balloon like a plaster cast. Let one layer dry, then add another and let dry again. Repeat twice more. When the piñata is dry, burst the balloon, make an opening at the bottom and pour in small candies or trinkets or toys. Cover the bottom hole with duct tape and paint the piñata brightly. Insert a hook in the top and hang the piñata up. Give kids strong sticks to break it.

Variations: Can cover just half of the balloon and make a basket. Can make it into an animal or your child’s could design his own head by adding a face and yarn “hair”. Just use your imagination.


"Just make draw/color your own picture of anything you like. Make sure it is on thick paper so that you can't see through it. You can use any kind of empty, clean container that has a lid. Just make sure that your paper is the right size to go around the container. Then using Mod Podge or any type of Decoupage glue, cover the back of your picture with the glue and wrap it around your container.

When that's dry (about 2 hours), coat the entire outside with another layer of the glue. Let this dry overnight. Then, have your Mommy or Daddy cut a slit in the lid and put the lid on. You now have your own personalized bank!

Footprints in Time
As your children grow, you may often wish you could “hang onto them” just the way they are at that moment. Your child’s feet grow quickly from the feet you hold in your hands and count “piggies” to feet that need mud and grass stains scrubbed off of them. They’re feet you tie shoes on and teach to pedal a bike. All too soon they’re feet wearing high heels or kicking footballs. No matter what stage mark it with this great idea if you’re going to the beach.

Pack a plastic bag full of plaster of Paris in your suitcase. At the beach, mix the plaster and required amount of water (fresh water – salt water will not set). Have each child make a clear, deep footprint in damp sand. Pour the print full of plaster. Let the plaster stand until it is semi-soft. Then insert a bent hair pin into the plaster for a hanger. When the plaster cast is cool and hard dig away the sand and remove the “footprint”. On the back of each footprint, write the person’s name, age, and the place where the footprint was made. Keep a collection of these on a special wall or in a child’s room.


I hope some of these ideas inspire you to make today a special one! Get out your candles or your good china. You know, the stuff reserved for someone special. Tell your family someone very important to you is coming to dinner. Then when they ask “who” you can tell them it’s THEM. They are the special people. Every one of us can make today special for someone. Just use a little creativity and a lot of love!

This summer fun article was written by Karen of Love You Cherishables.
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