Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Wsoapp House Walk

Well, it's a virtual house walk! We promised you all we would roll out the red carpet, so here it is; participating members have opened their homes and shared their Christmas decorations inside and out. The nice thing about this house walk is, you don't have to get cold while taking the journey. Sit back, enjoy the view....and maybe even pick up an idea or two.
Merry Christmas!!!
From the home of Linda of Meadowbrook Cabin. We LOVE the vintage and retro look of her holiday home.

This set of trees and decorations come from the home of Stephanie over at Old World Primitives. We love her style; She truely decorates in the primitve way!

This sweet, little set of themed trees comes from the home of Gina at Cat Nap Inn Primitves. A few of the themes for Gina's trees here is a kitty tree and a biker tree!

This is Gina's dining room hutch where she keeps her Santa collection, including a Santa from a fellow wsoapp member.

This gorgeous tree comes from Shirley at Dolls in the attic.

This tree from Shirley of Dolls in the attic features her handmade snowman ornaments. They are just so perfect for a prim themed setting!

This beautiful tree comes from Mandy over at Aunt Manny's. Everything on it is handmade even down to the garlands! This is not Mandy's usual style of tree for the holidays, she has a new addition to her household this Christmans, (the cute, furry kind), and has opted to put up an artificial tree up rather than fight with her new puppy and housebreaking.

This tree comes from Mare at Oak Hollow Primitives. Her tree is in a Victorian theme since she lives in a Victorian home. This tree also sports plenty of handmade ornaments, including paper cones and antique scrap ornaments.

This is Mare's front entry door all decked out for Christmas this year. She usually puts a pineapple,(the old, colonial symbol of welcome), on the keystone over the door, but this year she has left it out as she has yet to find a better way to attach it to the greenery. Let's just say a few guests have come over only to be welcomed with a pineapple fallin on them!(so not good)

This real feather tree is at Mare at Oak Hollow's home. It is one of her favorite trees to decorate with, because it is so simple and primitive.

This tree comes from the home of Nancy over at NT Dolls.


Doreen said...

Beautiful Photos!!! Happy Holidays to everyone.


mare said...

And a very Happy Holidays to you Doreen!



Anonymous said...

This blog is absolutely beautiful!

Whispered Secrets of a Primitive Past ~WSOAPP said...

Thank You! We have really put our hearts into it this year

Lauren of SassafrasCo said...

Everyone's trees and decorations are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Raggedyrhondas said...

The site is just wonderful and beautifully the photos and the music is great..thanks girls great job. Merry Christmas from Rhonda of